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Chenard Walcker - Le Fou
fsz004 | 59:15 | august 2002

"Give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth" said the poet. A fat lot of good that is ! I have myself 7 masks. The thing is : you won't see me, so please listen to me.

Unlike my first long play stuff, this one is supported by several singers from Ethiopia, France, USA and UK. Origins of the musicians are even more varied.

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01 Charogne
02 Assi Avec Vous
03 En Amour des Modèles
04 Plein le Dos
05 Quarles d'une Voix Mielleuse
06 Death
07 Bolly Baby
08 Salve Regina
09 La Peau
10 Le Fou
11 Le Petit Chevalier
12 Miss Novara Jones
13 Monkey
14 Cruel
12 Blues
16 Zodiac Baby
17 Glory Baez

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Songs by Chenard Walcker
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