08 August 2006

Chenard Walcker And Roy Chicky Arad : StreetChenard Walcker And Roy Chicky Arad : Street [fsz051]

The Street (Haifa-Beirut 2006) is a poem that Chicky wrote against the war in Lebanon. He bought a new 3 Euro microphone and tried to record it louder. He sent the recording to Chenard Walcker, who added music. Chenard also did a version of The Owl.

06 July 2006

Chenard Walcker : The PusherChenard Walcker : The Pusher [fsz050]


Chenard publishes at last his first long play in a long time! You've got here some strange groovy tracks that melt together Fuzzed Out Hardrock, Blues, Funk, Psychedelia, Soul, Folk, Progressive and Heavy Rock. The Pusher was made out of 500 obscure gems from the 60's/70's area.

23 June 2006

Chenard Walcker : MetamorphosesChenard Walcker : Metamorphoses [fsz049]

Two books touched me in my childhood : "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak and "The Giving Tree" of Shel Silverstein. I had made a track inspired by the first (in the album Middle), here is a free variation inspired by the second. These two children's books are absolute poetry.

10 June 2006

A Psychedelic Journey Through Chenard Walcker's Mind By Midnight OperaA Psychedelic Journey Through Chenard Walcker's Mind By Midnight Opera

Julian Jockel did a mix using only music of fsz. He worked himself from the first release to the last one and there is quite a nice development. Check the playlist here.

Julian produces his own beats as part of immer.chic at Mixomat Recordings.

07 May 2006

Chenard And The Sand : C-SideChenard And The Sand : C-Side [fsz048]

The Sand was already working on the C-side when Chenard came by. They first did overdubs on a unfinished cut from the Moo sessions, Butterflying, but they soon landed and dived deep into the C for the next three tracks. This is the sound of C. The sound which creates a new dimension. This is a new style of music.

29 March 2006

Chenard Walcker : MooChenard Walcker : Moo [fsz047]

Though it is a perfect match for the amphetamine and speed culture of the junkies that live in Chenard's neighbourhood, in Paris, you won't have to take any drug to enjoy this moosika.

Updated : five tracks reworked and one removed

06 March 2006

The Walcker Crew : Emergency ExitsThe Walcker Crew : Emergency Exits [fsz046]

Chenard and his crew recorded these 5 songs with one idea in mind : Prevent panic ! As the title suggests it, this album is meant to be played in case of emergency only, with the LOOP mode on.

Updated : two tracks added a few weeks later