The Sand : Katie Cruel


Although I should try to contain my enthusiasm, I cannot refrain from putting down on b&w that this single has been the freshest piece of music I've heard in the last couple of months. Considering that I spend a big amount of time searching and analysing music, this one was the kind of discovery that makes me wanting to keep on searching. I will be visiting free sample zone more often in the future. Congrats
Half-man-half-tuna-can @

Chenard Walcker : Archisex

This album was born during his last concerts in Tel Aviv and of Chenard's relation with the Israeli architect Rinat Berckovitch. The Archisex title is a concept of dependance that Rinat identifies between architecture and sex. The first songs underline the idea of sex and the urban environment by a combination of rap funk and soul. In Suck to blow, the style is less carnal, more sensual, as if behind sex appeared the love. Loose You, with Nina Simone, is the climax of this reversal.
cHristian negre i walczak @ TRAX (Spain) [read complete review]
The more I listen to this stuff, the more I want to go make music again. It weaves a deep narrative, no pyrotecnics, no goofy crap, just great compositions, jazz through and through. Chenard has been on CONSTANT repeat.

Chronkite @

Chenard Walcker And Roy Chicky Arad : I Vanunu

I Vanunu: A wealth of sweet sounds, tasty and original riffs, spicy timing, loads of great ideas, and dispassionate poetry in a language that I don't understand.
Keith @ [read complete review]
After reviewing Chenard Walcker's Middle compilation of classic jazz covers, I was really looking forward to hearing more from the man. So I was delighted to see his name on this one. But after having heard what assaulted my ears, I'm really surprised Chenard would even associate his name with this one.
Miriam @ [read complete review]
This is definitively the best album from chenard walcker with roy chiky arad! best produced, best atmosphere and i think most political uncorrect, even if most of the listeners dont understand the hebrew language (like me). but i say: thank you mr. walcker and mr. arad (and everybody who was involved) for this album! - strictly download!
Organic2000 @

Chenard Walcker And Roy Chicky Arad : Blue Oranges

Small release, awesome though! Loved both tracks, especially the "blue" one which's gonna be on me favorites for a long time. Keep it up!
Tipsy Russell @

Chenard Walcker : Houseplant

It's... It's.. Soul, funk, ethnic.. It reminds me of work by Holger Czukay taken into the 21st century. This i will play many more times and bestow on all my friends. Thanks Mr. Chenard.
Poesboes @

Recycle is quite an assortment of styles and sounds, but with an overall ambient and mellow feel to it. Compared to the average creative input for thirty three minutes of music, this is off the scale. It is also what might be considered good come-down music, if you're in the need for that sort of thing. Regardless, I can't recommend enough that you go listen to it. Seriously, honestly. Logon. Download. Listen.
Kevin @ [read complete review]
Chenard Walcker : Hands

Wowzers, check this stuff out if you've got an ear for complex and suprising arrangements. This guy should probably be recognized in some kind of a way, cause his work is exceptional. "Hands" is wonderful (feels like a trip around the world inside your head), and its just one record in a massive collection of work from this guy. I figure the least I can do is offer some positive feedback since a TON of work has obviously gone into this music, but much more importantly, its Very Good Stuff. Made my ears real happy.
Earwig @
Chenard does not have any fears of contact. In his Sampler really everything fits purely. From kickin' rare Groove Beats over Ethno singing from Africa up to ranzigen guitars one finds so quite everything in this pot. Only no typically electronic sounds.
Mo @ [read complete review]
I am listening to the first piece, and am mesmerized-- completely pulled in. Various influences blend like the ingredients of a cool drink. . . a drink I will sip, finish, and enjoy.
Mystified @

The Socks : Yin Yang

Giving R n'B a new dimension! This is without doubts a new sound, groovy, exciting, very powerful.
Pitjamajusto @

Testez Votre Chaine Hi-Fi Avec Chenard Walcker

Without wandering into the mire of genre-labels, this record is unusual and entertaining. This guy seems to have an expansive knowledge of music and great technical expertise, in addition to being especially prolific. This was the first record in his collection of many that I've listened to, and I'm already downloading a couple more. My credentials as a critic are simple - I listen to a LOT of electronic stuff on (I post some too), and this record really stands out as a great piece of work. Very complex, highly produced, suprising and funny at times. I give it four starts only because I want to see how this one stacks up to other records in his collection (may need to save the fives for other reviews). Thanks Chenard - this one goes into my permanent collection.
Earwig @
While mixing sonorities and colors, by confusing without confusion the kinds, Chenard Walcker shows thus that, contrary with the remarks made by the soft voice which has accompanied us throughout this fictionnal vynil, there is no passive listening.
Jerome O. @ [read complete review]

The Walcker Crew : Rip Hop

Typed like a manic as I listened. Nice little eclectic and surprising mix of sounds. I like.
Axl @

The Socks : Boots

Man, this album rocks. Listening to it makes me dance through my apartment like a maniac... I never listen to mainstream R&B crap normaly, but how Chenard Walcker transformed this into funky and uplifting tunes is nothing but astonishing. Hats off. Highly recommended.
Octoploid @

Chenard Walcker : Echolalie

This is a beautifull, inspired as well as inspiring album. I love it, love it, love it.
Splogman Jan @

Chenard Walcker : X Rays
What more can I say? The man is sexy. You can feel it sliding, rolling and grinding through every sensual release he offers the world.
Oddio Overplay @
Chenard Walcker : Oddio
This EP of Chenard Walcker is one of my favorites
Splogman Jan @
Chenard Walcker, amazing. Asked him for a little taste. Instead he fed us all an entire meal. We are so fortunate, aren't we?
Oddio Overplay @

Chenard Walcker : Rock'n Roll Boy

OK, I've been perusing the CW collection, and man this stuff is Killer. Hard to describe, other than its fun to listen to, very well executed and actually suggests a sense of humor at times. Im astounded that these records aren't being reviewed more often - they are genuinely interesting, to a degree that makes CW's work stand out in the crowd. Check it out, and make it loud.
Earwig @
The Sand : Wish

Wow! I cannot give this track enough praise. The rhythm and vocals add a romantic and sexual element to this track, very intimate. Check it out!
Ofir @

Chenard Walcker : Le Fou

Le Fou is very nice album from Chenard Walcker, lots of interesting sampling and experimenting here, a very adventurous piece of work. I couldn't have thought of a better album to start with than Le Fou for my journalistic endeavors. Roll on and give me more of this Mr. Walcker.
Nially @ [read complete review]

The Walcker Crew : Les Veines Noires

Very good! Congratulations Chenard on starting your new netlabel. Long Live the Free Sample Zone!
CP McDill @
The Fuzz : God Bless The Radio

The title track's remix, God Bless Tha Hard Core, BLOWS the first two right out of the water with body-rockin dancey beats and excellent use of interesting sounds. The whole track shakes and wobbles its face at you like Aretha Franklin on pills. This last diamond in a line of rolled up balls of cling film brings this release by The Fuzz from a 2/10 to an 8/10.
Keith @ [read complete review]
God Bless the Radio is our opener. Cue rock guitar and drums with a funky bass. The vocalist sounds like Prince's angry little cousin, and I can't make out most of his rapping, but I appreciate his high energy within the framework of the song. Full sound, nice scratching at chorus breakdown. Got my head bopping along. Could be good for slapping on a pair of headphones before you head out the door...
Miriam @ [read complete review]
The Fuzz delivers a mix of brit-pop and punk/grunge sounds, plus a really catchy hip-hop vibe... with the energy of both genres coming through strong, with a pronounced twitch and a lot of saliva. Great party music.
Lisa @ [read complete review]