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Chenard Walcker - Ecossaise 133
fsz009 | 63:05 | may 2003

Jesus is a mountain of cheese, according to Saint Augustin. But here, the voices of Cheese are... Oscar Brown Jr, Nina Simone, Mireille Matthieu, Zap Mama, Jimmy Lewis, Garnet Mimmus, Ginger Baker, Irma Thomas, and of course Jeannie Vassoir...

4th long play album by Chenard Walcker, intended once again to guide you though the great variations collage allows. Take your ticket, make sure your seat-belt is unfasten and have some fun.

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01 Hummin' Baby
02 Ma Polaire
03 La Flamme et le Feu
04 Moustaches en Croix
05 La Coquille
06 Cream Cheese
07 At Last
08 Bottom
09 Circus
10 Need
11 Christ Cross
12 Free
13 Glady & the Loga Rhythms
14 Projeta Se
15 Messy Bessie
16 Jah
17 Cold Room
18 My Love
19 Na Yann
20 Augustino

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Songs by Chenard Walcker
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