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Chenard Walcker - Magirus Dentz
fsz017 | 18:14 | june 2004

Magirus Dentz was inspired by a 8mm film seen in a found footage installation in Paris. This amateur film showed brand new german red fire trucks demonstrating their capabilities. But the brand of the trucks isn't 'Magirus Dentz' but 'Magirus Deutz'. I often swap letters, but here i've put one upside down.

Bewlay Star was made out of samples taken from David Bowie songs only. It was originaly made for a contest which rules were to mash-up one old Bowie track with one of his last album, Reality. Rules weren't entirely followed, as there are about 20 different songs from Bowie's 70's albums and one from Reality that were used. Chenard didn't won the Audi. He doesn't like cars anyway...

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