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Chenard Walcker - Echolalie
fsz020 | 61:51 | november 2004

French word for echolalia, the immediate, stereotyped and involuntary repetition of words or phrases just spoken by others. Commonly known as "parroting", functional echolalia is using a quoted phrase in a way that has shared meaning, for example, a child who sings the Barney jingle to ask for a Barney videotape, or says "Get your shoes and socks" to ask to go outside (in very young children, imitating or echoing another's speech is normal, and helps in the development of expressive speech and language skills). The echo is often uttered with a mocking, mumbling or staccato intonation.

Echolalia should not be confused with habituation repetition of questions, apparently to clarify the question and formulate its answer, as when a patient is asked, "When did you come to the hospital ?" and replies "Come to the hospital? Yesterday". Echolalia is observed in some pervasive developmental disorders, organic mental disorders, and is often a symptom of autism or some types of schizophrenia.

This album is about memory, as i almost lost it while working on the songs of "Echolalie". It was created using the immediate, stereotyped and involuntary repetition of words or musical phrases just sung/played by others - dozens of them at the same time.


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01 Le Cendrier Atavique
02 Parla Mi Di Te (Dub It)
03 Na Na Na Na
04 Flying
05 Manon Voici Le Soleil
06 Jungle
07 Mamie Lu
08 Les Arbres Mon Dieu
09 Lost In Time
10 Kali Samba
11 I Can't Go Wrong / Can I ?
12 Funny
13 Maia
14 Old Man River
15 Anyway
16 Polpetta
17 Dope Man
18 Le Serpent
19 Sheila

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Songs by Chenard Walcker
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