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Chenard Walcker - Kalifornia
fsz027 | 18:36 | january 2005

Kali is a destructive and creative aspect of God as the Divine Mother in Hinduism. She destroys only to recreate. Kalifornia, dedicated to Kali, was created on that very principle.

Her name seems to be a female version of the word 'kala' (Sanskrit for 'dark' or 'time'- time in this form being a euphemism for death); it also means Black Female, in contrast to her consort, Shiva, who is white; and Kali is the common name for Energy in her form as Shiva's wife, or Shakti. Kali is naked exept her skirt of human arms, and her necklace of fifty human heads. Fifty is the number of letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, from whose sounds Brahma created the world.

Kalifornia is sung by Tony Scott, Asha Bosle, Yogesh and Nida Fazli. The two first tracks are in common with the ep 'Sweet Kali Breathe' released on Bhadrakali recordings.

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01 Kali Ghata Cchaye
02 Sweet Kali Breathe
03 Kali Master
04 Hare Krishna
05 Kalifornia

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