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Chicky & Chenard - I Vanunu
fsz040 | 28:03 | august 2005

"I Vanunu" is in reference to Mordechai Vanunu, the world's first nuclear hostage, who did 18 years of jail for having revealed to the London Times, in 1986, that Israel was making nuclear weapons. More infos on him here.

The album was recorded in one shot and mixed just afterwards - it took one hour in all. It wasn't planned, and wouldn't have been done without Ram Orion, who proposed Chicky & Chenard to use his recording skills - and his studio - as they were at a terrasse drinking black coffees. Back to France, Chenard overdubbed some soli and did artwork after Chicky's suggestions. "I Vanunu" was also released as plastic by Israeli label Pit/Kit on the 1st of august, just three months after it was recorded. Check out the translation of Chicky's poems.

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Cover art : front | inside | disc | back
Poems by Roy Chicky Arad
Music by Chenard Walcker
cc 2005 Free Sample Zone