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Chenard Walcker - Gaspatxo
fsz044 | 28:19 | november 2005

Lyrics like "Poum-Pa Poum-Pa Poum Doo-Bi-Doo" sure won't hurt anyone. So, you'll probably ask : what's the point ? Well, just burn the music on CD, have a listen or two while cooking and then eat it.

To be served with GASPATXO: a distant home multimedia collage, by Applejux and Chenard Walcker who both share the devotion to gastronomy. This is a multimedia collage done either in Barcelona and Paris, and featuring alternate takes of two songs from the present album, Gaspatxo and Cosmic Recipe. As a result, the video shows you how to cook gaspatxo.

The voices and some soli you can hear in tracks 2 and 6 were already used in a song called The Ventilator. taken from the recent Archisex album.

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01 Gaspatxo
02 Eat To Believe
03 Oms En Serie
04 Sushi Sumo Fighting
05 Cosmic Recipe
06 I Believe In Gazpacho
07 Moon Pies

Cover art : front | inside | disc | back
Music by Chenard Walcker
cc 2005 Free Sample Zone