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The Walcker Crew - Emergency Exits
fsz046 | 24:12 | march 2006

Chenard and his crew got back together for a week-end after one year spent apart. They recorded these 5 songs with one idea in mind : Prevent panic !

As the title suggests it, this album is meant to be played in case of emergency only, with the LOOP mode on. LISTENERS IN THEIR REGULAR STATE ARE STRONGLY ADVICED NOT TO LISTEN TO THIS. So just wait for the right occasion, like a plane-crash, hijacking, or any catastrophe you might experience. It may also be useful in Europe with the probable panic over bird flu outbreak.

Updated : two songs added a few weeks later

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01 Books Of Mozeez
02 Rain Rain Rain
03 Funeral Bars
04 The Pitch
05 Sunless
06 L'Age
07 Exit

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Songs by Chenard Walcker
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