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Oscar & the Jets - Insane Baby
fsz025 | 42:09 | january 2005

Another album featuring 13 new versions of the song "Brown Baby" originaly sung by Oscar Brown Jr. That's what you can call insanity, considering the dozen of other versions, using that same voice.

Apart from Oscar's stuff, 8 tunes built-up upon that same idea were released on Chenard Walcker's albums. Check them all here.

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01 Insane Baby
02 Dolphin After Baby
03 Crane Baby
04 Trio Baby
05 And His Music Baby
06 Konk baby
07 Too Long Baby
08 Povo Povo Uam Uam Baby
09 Phibes Baby
10 BBC Baby
11 Like A Breeze baby
12 Sonorissima Baby
13 Soul Car Baby

Cover art : front | disc | back
Voice by Oscar Brown Jr
Music by Chenard Walcker
cc 2005 Free Sample Zone