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Oscar & the Jets - Duplicate Baby
fsz501 | 31:59 | october 2005

Let's duplicate, baby ! with a listener's digest of the tunes credited to Chenard Walcker which are based on the same principle as in every other Oscar & the Jets stuff, that is to say the voice of Oscar Brown Junior, singing "Brown Baby", backed up with deceptive orchestras cut-and-pasted by Chenard.

THIS IS NOT A NEW RELEASE, but if you like the other Oscar's tunes, you should try it. These songs are taken from the following Chenard's albums : Chenard Haut-le-Coeur, Ecossaise 133, L'Omelette, Le Football De Collage & Middle.

Check out the song Baby Sandwich in a video created by Joel Carner. Available for download at



01 Baby Sandwich
02 Easy USSR Baby
03 Leming Baby
04 El Tigre
05 Hummin' Baby
06 Brown baby
07 Bolly Baby
08 Zodiac Baby

Cover art : front | disc | back
Voice by Oscar Brown Jr
Music by Chenard Walcker
cc 2005 Free Sample Zone